Al-Ibriz. Sayings of Sayyid Sh. ´Abd al-‘Aziz al-Dabbagh al-Hasani Written down by Sh. Ahmad ibn al-Mubarak al-Lamati. English: View PDF | Download (56 MB). Results 1 – 11 of 11 al-?ahab al-ibriz (4e quart) MU?AMMAD IBN SA?ID and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. : Pure Gold from the Words of Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh: Al- Dhabab al-Ibriz min Kalam Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh (Basic Texts of.

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He came to realize the disciple was a mountain among mountains. For the vision mushahada he experiences rejects disobedience and it hinders sin, though not in a way that goes as far as ibruz so that Friendship with God competes with prophethood. It behaves as they behave, like an image that appears in a mirror. For instance, if it eats something forbidden, as soon as it places it in its mouth, it can cast it anywhere it wishes.

The secret behind this is what was previously explained, namely that the good of prophets comes from their bodies dhawatwhereas the good of the Friends of God comes from other than their bodies.

I want my body to look at your body so that tomorrow it will intercede for my body before God. I asked him—God ao pleased with him: If the love returns, the secrets return.

The shameful Sufi book “Al-Ibriz” gathering sayings of Ad-Dabbagh | Umm-Ul-Qura Publications

And God give you success! Off he went rejoicing in the work. What he said spread among the people and the government authorities heard it. The shaykh then had a ram brought to his retreat and slaughtered it. Meanwhile, in their hands the man is like an effigy that the owner of standing corn sets up in his field to drive away the birds.


One can see that it is exactly the creed of Tanasukh of the Hindus, that the soul of human beings enters other bodies of animals. This subject contains further secrets which those endowed with illumination are familiar with.

Ahmed Sijilmasi – Wikipedia

He has two attractions within him. When that disciple said: Then he asked for his house and it was shown to him. And this hadith is difficult for the eminent authorities among the scholars of the foundations of jurisprudence and for others, men such as Jamal al-Din ihriz.

Surely this contradicts what was just explained. He was encouraging me to cover it up and asked me to conceal it from you.

Ahmed Sijilmasi

He uttered these words on the basis of his firm conviction and certainty that God the Sublime is the only active agent. And the perfect Jinn are also present.

For whomever perfection and guidance toward God appear from the Friend, let him praise God—He is blessed and exalted! But you shall see presently. Thus I asked him—God be pleased with him—about the hadith on pollinating palm-trees which is found in the Sahih of Muslim: But God alone confers success! One day they disagreed about something. Three pivots are on his left each one an adherent of the other three schools of jurisprudence.

The truth residing in their bodies—which is the letter harf of ubriz inherent in them—conducts them along the proper track and the righteous path. And that has occurred—praise be to God—with an explanation which entails secrets that are only to be communicated orally to those worthy of them. Indeed, God the Sublime is his advocate against whoever is hypocritical toward him, and is his litigant and bearer of proofs.


Thereupon the shaykh said to la Then he made appear to them the form of a woman who came to him and entered his retreat. This was because of his mercy and because of what God had ordered him about associating with them in a friendly manner.

Thus the sinlessness of the prophets is essential, whereas the sinlessness of the Friends of God is contingent. Thus he went on making the rounds among the godly men he knew, one by one, until he came back to his home town. The aroma began to waft over us in the room, one whiff after another, and I woke up because of this and informed my wife of it.

I heard the Shaykh say — God be pleased with him: A he said- God be pleased with him: Is it his spirit in the original body, or the one whose form he took on? In reality this is due to the action of the owner of the ibris, not to the action of the effigy. And the shaykh gave him a hoe and ordered him to work in a garden he owned and that he assigned to him. And the body of the spirit is light, not heavy, and transparent, not dense. One is from his Lord, and this is the faith which draws him to God.