The Anthills of the Savannah Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Chinua Achebe The novel Anthills of the Savanah is a socio-political commentary set in the fictitious nation of Kangan. Shortlisted for the Booker Prize, this bitterly ironic novel by the Nigerian author of Things Fall Apart, Arrow of God and The Man of the People is at times more of a. Anthills of the Savannah has ratings and reviews. Blood River by Tim Butcher Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe The Poisonwood Bible by.

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Beatrice opens his eyes by telling Ikem that his politics and his knowledge: According to him, this will serve as a deterrent to other groups who may want to pay him such visits. For conducting a state burial for Chris, I can say that General Lango’s ideology, mentality and orientation are quite different from that of his former boss, Major Sam. Achebe writes his novels in English and has defended the use of English, a “language of colonizers”, in African literature.

It centres on three figures: This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat Even in death, I don’t think that Sam merits forgiveness considering the untold hardship he has subjected Beatrice and Elewa who are now young widows to.

A male guest responds: The story itself is gripping, but distant.

It was his fifth novel, first published in the UK 21 years after Achebe’s previous one A Man of the People inand was credited with having “revived his reputation in Britain”. Chapter Two Professor Okong visits Major Sam in his office and informs him about the delegation from Abazon who have come to pay him a solidarity visit and to declare their loyalty to him and his military government.

Workers’ leaders are indeed extraordinary riff-raffs.

Anthills of the Savannah, Chinua Achebe

Third, Achebe finds towards the end of the story place for his favorite theme, that of the conflict between the African culture and modernity. Chinua’s thee was a Christian churchman and he attended elite schools; the Government College in Umuahia and University College in Ibadan. This chapter records some of the activists’ activities of Ikem which make him dearer to the people and a deadly enemy of Major Sam.


We cannot really tell whether she cries at the loss of a lover and a friend or at the loss of a benefactor and a status symbol. After he is defeated in a vital referendum, his role as dictator becomes unsteady, and there can be no other response but more violence.

They are essays in overkill.

Achebe’s writing often has a very distinct agenda — a quality that savanbah characters defend in Anthills of the Savannah as an admirable trait in itself, because everyone has an agenda; it is up to them whether or not it is advertised. Ikem visits Chris with the letter and the estranged friends begin to plan how to avert the danger looming on them. Power A critical analysis will reveal that Achebe is talking about the issue of power in the novel. The same theme of confrontation savabnah the traditional Igbo values and the new colonial situation are dealt with in his next two novels, No Longer at Ghe and Arrow of God The drought in Abazon symbolizes the denial of people basic fundamental social amenities.

Ikem’s rants are wonderfully written. I went ahead and finished this book, even though I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Anthills of the Savannah – Wikipedia

Inhis lecture An Image of Africa: Again, I think that Major Sam has betrayed his friends who invited him to head the military junta in the first place. The two men now know who their enemy is. This is a thinly veiled commentary on Nigeria today.

I can say therefore that Joy is just a casual friend of Ikem. It felt preachy in some parts, and there acebe definitely not much humour in it, despite my prof’s claim that it had a satirical bent in places. However, Achebe’s achievements are most concretely reflected by his prominence in Nigeria’s academic culture and in its literary and political institutions. Return to Book Page. In order to survive, Okonkwo should have adapted to the new circumstances.

He is an intelligent young man who always wins the heart of Major Sam. He is a minor character in the novel. Three childhood friends ascend to leadership within their country and the book centers around greed and power lust, showcasing socio-economic issues and governmental corruption in some part of Africa though the country is fictionalizedas well as what exiles must go through or rather how hard it is to speak out against a not-so-democratic government and then attempt an escape from your savqnnah.


Like Emmanuel, Braimoh is loyal and selfless to Chris. Sunday is intelligent although he is semi illiterate. Anthills takes place in a fictional African country, Kangan, after it has gained independence from Britain. Eccola che cade anche quella, bang! Skip to main content. A while later, he too is charged with treason and becomes a fugitive for real.

Chapter Ten While preparing to visit Mad Medico with Elewa, Ikem is greeted by two men who turn out to be taxi drivers. Anthills is definitely the weakest of the bunch. It is later revealed that he was followed by State Research Council agents who needed proof that Ikem had actually visited the delegation in order to later be able to accuse him of treason for siding with the rebellious Abazonians.

This power issue can also be found in most og Soyinka’s works.

After they have left, Chris and Beatrice are now left alone and Chris shares his experiences with Beatrice. There was a Country: Fortunately for Chris, the tired and grumbling officer cannot discern his anhills identity.

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe

Anthills of the Savannah. As a result, the Kangan Military junta set up a high-level inquiry to look into the purported scuffle between Ikem and the chijua guards who were sent to carry out his arrest for question.

Arrow of God is also about a traditional Igbo village man, Ezeulu, who cannot adapt to the change brought about by colonialism. The speech is purposefully misquoted in the Gazette the next day, giving the impression that Ikem wants the President dead.

We can compare the bond between the trio with Jonathan and David in the Bible. This extract’s a fairly obvious example of political awareness:.