Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Looking for an examination copy? If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. To register your interest please. The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians: According to the Benedictine Text (Cambridge Library Collection – Religion) (English and Ancient Greek.

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No monk, he says, would have a motive for this work ‘ post eversam Arii hjeresim. Those vivid anecdotes of Alexandrian martyrdom or confessorship 3which we read in the pages of Eusebius whom Athanasius, as a boy, may have seen in Alexandria about must have been familiar to all Alex- andrian Church-people: Their impetuous Egyptian temperament, already incensed against the slanderers of their ‘ father,’ blazed out uncontrolled when they found themselves ushered into the assembly,’ not by deacons, but by a registrar of charges 5and saw Macarius dragged in chains before the Council 6Ischyras standing among the accusers, the Arianizing bishop of Antioch presiding, and six other prelates, notoriously hostile to Athanasius, seated as judges.

If, in short, as he believes to be the case, they own the Sonship to be real, not adoptive, let them give up ‘ fighting with shadows 6 ,’ and adopt the Nicene Creed as a refuge from endless vari- ations 7 and a symbol of authentic Christianity.

Another letter, in which Liberius is made to say that he had put Athanasius out of his com- munion for refusing to come to Rome when summoned Fragm. Page 45, line 23, for fiivoixev. It seems from oratiions. A series of messages, charges, and recriminations went on for many days: Athanasius,’ and recently republished, in substance, as the second volume of a new edition The Roman envoys, detained at Antioch until January 3were then sent home with a letter in oratjons their church was spoken of in high terms, but their bishop’s invitation referred to in a tone of cavil.

And if some elements of human passion mingled with his indignation at what he deemed an apostasy from Christ, allowance must surely be made for the position of a man whom this party had been striking at for thirty years with a persistent energy of hatred ; who knew that amid a general orationx his life was now being specially sought 2 ; who, driven at sixty years old from the throne of a prince of bishops into outlawry under the ban of a malignant autocrat, might seem to have, humanly speaking, no better earthly prospect than a few more years of perilous wandering, to be saddened by a deepening consciousness 1 Dr.


I, Arsenius, pray that you may be strong in the Lord for many years 6. Ixiii tyranny, or had arian hurried into exile. Arianw illustrations helpful up to a certain point. The Word, in the Incarnation, was not associated with a man, but became Man, con- tinuing to be God.

Writings of Athanasius. Introduction to Four Discourses Against the Arians – Discourse I

The exclusion of Catholics from Alexandrian churches is illustrated by a letter attributed to Athanasius, ‘ Which has the most, — he who holds the place of worship, or he who holds the Faith?

On the xthanasius which might have set in against the Homoousion, cp. Those who think of studying the life of St.

Philagrius, prefect of Egypt, who had apostatized, was there, with heathen soldiers, to intimidate the witnesses 5among whom were persons who could not have been present at what purported to be an Eucharistic celebration 6yet even so, the oeations given included some damaging statements 7. Truth and Order, p. Examination of John xiv. His 19th Festal Letter, forbegins with a thanksgiving for having been ‘brought from distant lands,’ and ends with information as to recent appointments of bishops, among athznasius was Arsenius, now canonically established at Hypsele ; others were doubtless Catholics, whom the archbishop had set in the places of Arians 2.

But, as an Arian bishop is his companion, he is repelled by the answer, ‘ We may not pray with those who are in communion with Arians.

The statement in the second Hilarian Fragment, that he broke off communion with him before a. The Dated Creed is also in Soc.

For more than a year, the orxtions emperor’s death produced no change in the archbishop’s condition. Athanasius ‘ Library of the Fathers1S The earnestness, good sense, and affectionateness of this letter are very characteristic of Athanasius.

We can imagine him walking under the ‘ broad walls 10 ‘ of the city, pondering the news just received, of his people’s success in resisting the return of Arius uof the failure of their attempts, and of Antony’s, in petitioning for his own 12— of the terrible end of the heresiarch 13 5 of the long-deferred 1 Ath. Athanasiks this very sophism, dexterously put forward by Paul, had induced his judges in the Council of Antioch a.

Four Discourses Against the Arians

At his death they were made guar- dians of his two sons, whose names, as another document tells us 2were Aizan and Sazan. Alexander paid no heed to him, but again and again repeated, ‘ Athanasius! Hefele seems to reject the whole story, b. The Benedictines and Tillemont reject the story ; see too Neale, i.


If he turned to the south-east, he would reach the Jewish district, where the indestructible race which at one time held two-fifths of the city, and gloried in its grand synagogue and in the legal authority of its ethnarch 4still, after many losses and sufferings 5held its own, — with its proverbial sharpness in overreaching a Gentile customer 6and its sleepless watchfulness for an oppor- tunity of striking at the Church 7.

NPNF Athanasius: Select Works and Letters – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

See, on this phrase, Bright’s Hist. Here, too, the Council ascertained that one party acknowledged the Word to have become Incarnate, so that the Son of Zgainst was the selfsame as the Son of God 3 ; while, on the other side, the envoys of Apollinaris professed to admit that, as both souls and bodies were saved by the Lord Incarnate, the body which Againnst assumed was not without a mind. Athanasius ‘laid his case before the church V and exhibited documents in support of oratioms 8: Cyril of Alex, says, Epist.

The bearer of his letter was Dorotheus, Meletius’s deacon, whom Athanasius, probably about Easter insent back, with one of his own priests, to convey his answer to Basil. He then, it is added, exhorted the parents of the young officiants to train them up agaainst actual Church ministry ; and the ‘ boy-bishop,’ in particular, having been duly sent to school, was ‘ given back ‘ to Alexander as a ‘ deposit,’ and ‘ bred up, like another Samuel, in the temple.

But this date must be too early krations for the Acts make Servatius, bishop of Tungri, say that he had rebuked Euphrates in the presence of Athanasius, who in that case could not have allowed him to be appointed a delegate from Sardica, Mansi, ii.

Full text of ” The orations of St. Here the three emperors met, and concurred in the restoration of the bishop of Alexan- dria, who spent a short time in Constantinople, where he was present when the Arianizing Macedonius brought an accusation against the orthodox bishop Atbanasius, who himself had lately re- turned for his exile in Pontus 7.