also indebted to Dr Ling Hao and Dr John Gallop for their precious advices and machined-made from a Gerber file (the standard file type. It is a common request in squid to have it block downloading certain files based on their extension in the url path. A quick look at google’s. How do I configure squid content filtering? You need to use squid ACL (access control list) to block all files by extensions.

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Any way to block all those as well that are going through https? I searched on google alot and also tried the above but I am faild to do so.

So your regex matches well. For example when zip attachment is blocked you can still download through yahoo emails and or dropbox. Thanking you in advanced.

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For example i want to block. Squid uses the extended regex processor which is the same as egrep. Unfortunately this is not enough to prevent users from downloading. OK now I hate you twice as much: Do Squid consider it part of the url?


Squid proxy : blocking download of some file extensions

Does this work for squid version 3. Also i need to sauids how to block the torrent websites. Thanks for quick reply, I tried the following: Your email address will not be published.

OK, so you block?

I have successfully blocked most of the extensions using this reg pattern. Learn how your comment data is processed. But all did not work on squid3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How I can block anything after an extension? I am using Linux Mint 17 ubuntu Any idea how to block these things as well? Thanks for great info… the url was ffiletype from below page http: Looking for quick reasponse.

Kindly shade a light how to proceed?

Squid proxy : blocking download of some file extensions | Ultrabug

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So we need to change our blockExtensions. I have the following locked extension: Yes it should be doable mate: So that i can impliment in my company without any issues. I followed the steps above to block torrents both in url and also tried to block the torrent application by configuring the acl port denied.


I sqhids just tried my self. How can i block rare extensions for example: Apparently it does not pass any extension details through the url itself.

I am unable to block any type of downloading in squid. Is there a way to apply this extension block only for a single site?