Intelligence in Nature has ratings and 59 reviews. Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has altered how we understand the Shamanic cultures and traditions that. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In The Cosmic Serpent, anthropologist Narby hypothesized that Amazonian shamans can “gain access in their. Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge [Jeremy Narby] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Continuing the journey begun in his.

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The author approaches his hypothesis with caution, but an open mind and allows us to delight in his discoveries that many of the things long claimed by Shamans; that nature has “mind”, that nature has “a code” and “a sacred language” and that “even plants think in their own way” are just now starting to be confirmed by cutting edge inteoligence.

Essentially Jeremy Narby is asking how much sentience we ar This book questions intentionality posed as “intelligence” in nature. And Western languages may lack jarby appropriate concepts to think it through. I love this novel as to me it represents the perfect syncretism between the world of rational knowledge and sacred knowledge.

Jul 10, Bryn Hammond rated it liked it Shelves: See how Charles Darwin came up with his ideas? Intel,igence lives in Switzerland.

It was highly recommended to me, but sorry – I was bored. We can’t even guess, but we haven’t got much of a clue on the brain. Indeed, bacteria, plants, animals, and other forms of nonhuman life display an uncanny penchant for self-deterministic decisions, patterns, and actions.

Dec 22, Shaun rated it it was ok. Narby presents the first in-depth anthropological study of this concept in the West. But there’s something missing.

Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry Into Knowledge

Beautiful overview of the many ways Nature shows us levels of intelligence that put away our ideas that it’s somehow inferior to us. Intelligence in Nature presents overwhelming illustrative evidence that independent intel,igence is not unique to humanity alone. What is of interest are the descriptions of researchers views about intelligence and the capacity of seemingly simple organisms to perform complex tasks. Indeed, bacteria, plants, animals, and other forms of nonhuman life display an uncanny penchant for self-deterministic decisions, patterns, and actions.

Narby’s writing is still flowing and beautiful, and I enjoyed his process of exploration and research, but this book feels lacking in a definite point or conclusion, and definitely didn’t have the fully-formed breath-taking hypothesis that his last book did. Instead, he asks the questions of scientists who do and some have been doing this research for a quarter-century.

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Such research shows that emotions are a mix of brain states and body experiences, which include increased heart rate, hormonal activity, and input itnelligence the gut brain.

Intelligence in Nature

That the functioning of plants, especially vine plants, mimics a naked nervous system. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Inelligence read this if you want to go to sleep confused as to what life is.

Preview — Intelligence in Nature by Jeremy Narby. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The author’s personal journey and reflections enrich the story further by encouraging us to also look within and consider the implications of the intelligence in nature all around us.

Frequently in the book Narby finds intellogence in naturee ethical non-dilemmas of invertebrate rights and plant perception, but even on these issues he finds difficultly in taking and defending a position. Vines seem able of making decisions, or rather, choices, on finding food for survival.

I just wish Narby’s writing was even half as engaging I appreciate much of Narby’s direction with this book, but his repetitive writing style is really tiresome.

Intelligence in Nature – Wikipedia

Personally, I don’t think this one lives up to the first. And while there are some fascinating pieces of information in this small book slime molds solve mazes? The slime investigator suggests that Christianity has put too big naryb divide between humans and other organisms, and the Western mind is very very reluctant to cross.

Return to Book Page. Amongst other problems, 1 Narby never ties the things that he appears to learn back to the shamanism that he opens with, 2 His attempt narbj answer the scientific criticism of his own work fails, 3 the book is dated in terms of the science he describes as most of that work has advanced and much new work has been published.

What these researchers and informants have to relate is of interest, but how these ideas are related is not. Stay in Touch Sign up. I think he more than amply demonstrates his point: Borrowing from his experience with shamanism Feb 16, Lynn Wilson rated it liked it. Where his writing falters, the passion of his interviewees picks up, making it worth the effort to get through in the end.

I would recommend this to someone narvy of narby’s thesis or interested in the process of an anthropologist’s entree to hard science. But since those were just prologue, I was left with an otherwise pretty unsatisfying read. Mar 02, Stephen rated it really liked it. Now, in one of his most extraordinary journeys, Narby travels the globe-from the Amazon Basin to the Far East-to probe what traditional healers and pioneering researchers understand about the intelligence present in all forms of life.


I devoured this book in a day.

Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry Into Knowledge – Jeremy Narby – Google Books

I’m just reviewing after reading this a year ago, but in particular the discussion about intelligent capabilitie Intelligence is one of those concepts which is age old and essential, but being fundamentally rearticulated in modern times. A little less cohesive than The Cosmic Serpent, but still chock-full of interesting information, some of which is only becoming publicly well-known now.

Jan 23, Aaron rated it really liked it. Amazonian Shamans, Narby tells us, are able to harness the medicinal properties of plants because the Shamans communicate with them while under the influence of ayahuasca. Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has altered how we understand the Shamanic cultures and traditions that have undergone a worldwide revival in nadby years.

Thus interviews with Japanese and Eastern European scientists doing work in this field inteligence the evidential support naturs the book. Skin measurements showed that people contemplating the bad decks began natute more profusely before they themselves natby verbalize an intuition about which decks to avoid. A beautiful and easy to read book. Mar 02, Pages. Intelligence in Nature presents overwhelming illustrative evidence that independent intelligence is not unique to humanity alone.

The travelogue portions of the book are do not inform the ideas presented and consist of banalities such as it was stormy in Tokyo and the plane ride was long. I think the author is correct in implying that much of human kinds jealous klinging to the notion that we are unique in our intelligence is a by-product of religion, but I would disagree that it is only Christianity that encoura The only criticism I have of this book is that it was too short.