of. Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa. MAHAPRASTHANIKA. PARVA translated by. Kesari Mohan Ganguli. In parentheses Publications. Sanskrit Series. Cambridge . Mahaprasthanika Parva. This is the 17th of the 18 Maha Parvas as well as the 94 th of the Upa Parvas of Vyasa Mahabharata. As the name suggests, this. “Yudhishthira and His Dog” (Mahaprasthanika Parva). From the sacred Indian epic, Mahabharata, we present the “Book of the Great Journey”, in which the.

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The younger brothers of Maharaja Yudhisthira observed that the age of Kali had already arrived throughout the world and that the citizens of the kingdom were already affected by irreligious practice. Mahwprasthanika says that this bow was given to him by the gods to fight the evil on earth. The Deities seem to be crying in the temple, lamenting and perspiring. Indra tells Yudhishthira, all of them after their death, entered heaven.

They turn southwest visiting sites along the way. Rishikesh has been a part of the legendary Kedarkhand, the Kedarkhand of Skanda Purana, also mentions the existence of Indrakund at this very point. Nalopakhyana Parva Yudhishthira continues in his anguish that his gambling error has caused, vrihadashwa consoles him with the story of Nala, another prince who erred by gambling, and recovered from his mistake Bharatathe son of Sakuntalaafter mahaprasthamika love marriage with Dushyanta.

It has an elevation of metres. This pigeon is like a messenger of death. The Rigveda states that the weapon was made for Indra by Tvastar, the associated story describes Indra using the vajra, which he held in his hand, to slay the asura Vritra, who took the form of a serpent. And, just like a deaf man, he heard nothing.

Mahaprasthanika Parva

Arjuna visits heaven, meets Indra and other deities, receives celestial weapons as gifts. Drupadakanya — the daughter of Drupada, mahabharati — great wife of the five descendents of Bharata. But Lord Krishna’s absence, all of them, at a moment’s notice, have become null and void. By His accepting food thus, the assembly of munis, while bathing in the river, felt sumptuously fed. In His absence I have been defeated by a number of infidel cowherds men while I was guarding Lord Krishna’s wives.


Remembering how his brothers had fallen, Yudhisthira said, “My brothers have all fallen to the earth. Mahadeva visits Arjuna, disguised as Kirata and they battle each other, which ends in draw. Sanjaya-yana Parva Drupadas envoy reaches Kaurava brothers and he announces that Pandava brothers do not want war, they see war as something that ruins the world, all they want is an amicable settlement.

Yudhishthira explains to Bhima, Arjuna too suffered from the vice of pride and vanity, thinking he was the most skilled, most powerful warrior in the world. Sairandhri asks him to meet her at a hiding place, Bhima meets Kichaka instead, and kills Kichaka Their names are Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, all five brothers were married to the same woman, Draupadi. The people in general had become very greedy, angry and deceitful.

Click on the link below or the picture on the left side bar for my Kannada translation of this Parva. Thus my astounding power, which astonished even the demigods, is no longer with me. Draupadi is described in the Mahabharata as a beautiful woman of that time.

Because you maharasthanika to act on that order, you have seen the hellish regions. Thus being deeply absorbed in thinking of the instructions of the Lord, which were imparted in the great intimacy of friendship, and in thinking of His lotus feet, Arjuna’s mind became pacified and free from all material contamination.

It was He only who withdrew the duration of life from everyone and who, in the battlefield, withdrew the speculative power and strength of enthusiasm from the great military phalanx made by the Kauravas, headed by Bhishma, Karna, Drona, Salya, etc. After greeting them and inquiring of their welfare, the Pandavas spent some time in the heavenly mhaprasthanika.

Remembering Lord Krishna and His well wishes, benefactions, intimate familial relations and His chariot driving, Arjuna, overwhelmed and breathing very heavily, began to speak, “O King! Now, remembering the Supreme Lord, he could hardly utter a word in reply.

The Mahabharata, Book Mahaprasthanika Parva: Section 1

I shall never give up one who approaches me in this way. The word Pandava is derived from their fathers name, Pandu, mahaprasthanioa other epithets of the Pandava group are, Panduputra – sons of Pandu Pandavakumara – young Pandavas Kaunteya – sons of Kunti Madreya – sons of Madri Yudhishthira, The eldest Pandava brother.


When he bowed at his feet, the King saw that his dejection was unprecedented. Yudhishthira learnt to control the dice from the Sage Brihadaswa and became good at playing chess and his other names are Ajatshatru and Dharmaraja. A dog follows them on their last journey.

His brothers also mahaprasthanila the same resolution. As they were walking suddenly Arjuna mabaprasthanika to the ground. And it was due to my lack of esteem for my Lord that I dared engage Him as my chariot driver, for He is worshiped and offered service by the best men to attain salvation.

Sage Vidura advises Dhritarashta to recall Yudhishthira and give him back his kingdom, Dhritarashtra refuses, Vidura leaves and joins Pandava brothers.

The queen learns about the mistreatment of Sairindhri, promises death to Kichaka, Draupadi meets Bhima, describes her humiliation by Kichaka, as well as how frustrated she has been with the 12 years of exile, for suffering the vice of her husband Yudhishthira. Could you not give charity to one who asked, or could you not keep your promise to someone? Just see, O Bhima, how the she-jackal cries at the rising sun and vomits fire, and how the dog barks at me fearlessly.

Adi Parva describes the escape of virtuous Pandavas from the flammable home built by and set ablaze by evil king Dhritarashtra. Two translations from 19th century, now in public domain, are those by Kisari Mohan Ganguli [1] and Manmatha Nath Dutt. Yudhishthira explains Sahadeva like his other brothers was virtuous in every respect, except he suffered from the vice of pride and vanitythought none was equal to him in wisdom.

At that time He, Lord Krishna, simply by accepting the remnants of food, saved us.